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  • War is War :: La guerre est la guerre 

    Inspired by Joyeux Noël English Version For this is war my love Where young boys become men  Where rats become friends Where making allies with your enemies Makes it harder to kill For greed and power is a game of politics  Where young men have to die  For survival, sacrifices are made  With blood and…

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  • High Yield Savings Account

    What is a high yield savings account? In layman’s terms, a high yield savings account is essentially an online banking account that allows your money to earn interest that are at higher annual percentage yield (APY) rates* than a normal brick and mortar bank. The rates are compounded based on your amount that you have…

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  • Health Savings Account

    What is it? Is it worth it? What is a health savings account or HSA? In layman’s terms, a health savings account or HSA let’s you put away pre-tax income to cover your healthcare costs that your healthcare provider would not cover until you have met your deductible amount. In order for you to be…

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