Hi 👋 I’m Myna!

I’m a Muslim, a mother, and a human being passionate about finances, languages, traveling, and helping others. Follow me on my journey across the USA on Instagram & YouTube.


I strive my best to stay close to what Allah has ordained for me to do, which is to stay away from riba, or interest.

🎯 My goal is to share how I manage my finances through budgeting, saving, and investing my money.


I was born in Vietnam and moved to the USA at a very young age, allowing me to be bilingual. After studying abroad in Belgium for a year, I became multilingual.

🎯 My goal is to share how easy it is to learn a new language.


I absolutely love traveling, organizing and packing.

🎯 My goal is to share all of the tips and hacks on just that.

Handmade and Upcycled Masterpieces

From handcrafted duct tape wallets to embroidery to resin, I got you covered! See what I have in store for you!


My handcrafted duct tape wallets are waterproof and lightweight. They are easily customized to your wants and needs!


Add a little pazzaz to your shoes! Customize the design and make your footwear unique to you!


I am devoted to helping the environment by giving clothing another chance and making them into something refreshingly different!


Looking for a customized piece?