Episode 10: Outfi, I Want to Return to Belgium

Reference: https://www.ryese.org/outbounds-2014-2015/

OUTFI! Je veux rentrer en Belgique. >.<

It’s been only three weeks since I got back. And I am just lost for words. It’s over. Literally. When we are on exchange, people would warn us, “profite à fond,” enjoy all of it before it lasts. What can I say, a wonderful year has passed. One with full of memories, challenges, laughter, smiles, and pure pain. Why pain? The pain of having to leave a place where you called home and coming back to asking, “Where is my home?” and responding, “I want to be at home [Belgium], I don’t want to be here [Florida, USA], home.”

But as time goes by, everything heals. The process can take longer or shorter. It just all depends.

Just remember, TIME heals all.

P.S. Thank you to everyone who has helped along the way and guiding me on my journey to growing into a worldly person. Especially Rotary for giving me this once in a life-time experience. You know who you are. Tout le monde restera dans mon coeur. Gros bisous!