Minimalist Wallet

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What is a minimalist wallet?

In layman’s terms, a wallet that contains your necessities like your ID, credit/debit card, some cash, and insurance card.

If you are looking for a lighter year with a lighter wallet, then a minimalist wallet might be for you!

A couple of helpful tips.

  • You would like to carry less.
  • You would like to be more organized with your money.
  • You would like to have less financial stress.

My Asian Side’s Perspective

I always had dreams of having an awesome wallet or purse but at the end of the day, my minimalist wallet (card-holder) was the best buying decision I made. The only cards I carry on me is a credit card, a debit card, my ID, my insurance card, and a folded $20 bill for a cash-only place.

By not carrying a lot, I managed to save a lot of money when it comes to buying useless things. Also, when I run out the door, I have my wallet, keys, phone, and mask. No stress, no worry. Everything I need under one pound.