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  • Health Savings Account

    What is it? Is it worth it? What is a health savings account or HSA? In layman’s terms, a health savings account or HSA let’s you put away pre-tax income to cover your healthcare costs that your healthcare provider would not cover until you have met your deductible amount. In order for you to be […]

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  • 401(k) vs. IRA

    What are they? Which one should I consider? What is a 401(k) and what is an IRA? In layman’s terms, a 401(k) is a feature of a company allowing their employees to contribute a portion of their wages into accounts. Whereas, an individual retirement acocunt or IRA is a tax-advantaged investing tool for individuals to […]

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  • Budgeting 101

    What is it? What are the different ways? What is a budget and what is budgeting? In layman’s terms, a budget is a financial plan for a period of time and budgeting is the act of putting that plan into action. This financial plan is like an overview of your income, expenses, and savings. There […]

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